Dale Ladouceur Reviews

" Ladouceur is one of Edmonton's most outspoken, adventurous and intelligent artists, one who doesn't fit into any neat compartments."
-Sandra Sperounes, Edmonton Journal

"New album a Magnum Opus. Ambitious, a smorgasboard of styles running the gamut from smooth jazz to rock 'n' roll, with a dash of ska (and a) sprinkling of hip hop."
- Kevin Maimann, Edmonton Examiner

"Love the instrument, the voice, the attitude, Ladouceur is a leader and innovator."  
- Alister Ling

"...Ladouceur's music is jazzy folk (with) environmental and socio-political themes. (She) is a revelation on the Chapman Stick."
- Lana Michelin, Red Deer Advocate

"Ladouceur's a natural entertainer and it's all there in solo form. Add The Broke Ensemble, capable of huge shifts in mood, rhythm, texture, drawing worldwide cultural sources and it becomes very big at this point, very broad in scope."  
- Emmett Chapman

"Dale Ladouceur is a formidable talent."
- Tony King, CKUA Radio

"Eclectic Alternative, Joni Mitchell meets Frank Zappa."
- Bob Katz, Digital Domain

"A rock opera genre-bender in which one song spills directly into the next to unravel a storyline steeped in political and social insight."
- Meaghan Baxter, Vue Weekly

"Do ya Think (has) jazz instrumentals... bluesy numbers... new-age experiments, Zappa-ish rockers and folk. Think Joan Baez meets Joni Mitchell."
- Mike Ross, Gig City

"In spending time with Dale Ladouceur's new recording "Do Ya Think", I find myself applauding three things: her willingness to say what's on her mind with strength and the courage of her convictions and the great, creative, artistic and bold leap forward in her musical vision that this album represents."
- Monica Miller, CKUA Radio

"Watching Dale is a triple-threat. First, there's that gorgeous, soothing voice. Then there's the Stick which, for the uninitiated is a hybrid 10 string instrument incorporating guitar and bass, which is played percussively with gentle taps on the fretboard.Dale is one of the first-generation virtuosos on the Stick and her playing is effortless. The Stick can generate a warm, funky bottom and rich, melodic tones all at once in the hands of a talented player.
And oh, those hands...
Dale spiders over the fretboard, adding gentle vibrato where it's needed, clearly melded to the Stick and its expressive possibilities.  It's like what those early jazz aficionados must've felt watching Satchmo in jazz-era ballrooms... she OWNS that thing.
Completing the triptych is her songwriting ability.
Having a Broke Ensemble or Mavens, (her first album), tune come up on the Bluetooth randomizer in the car is a breath of fresh air...  What you'll get will be melodic, played with confidence and sparkle, and more likely than not will be in an unconventional time-signature. The lyrics are invariably thoughtful and the words of someone who's gone through life with her eyes open."
- Gerry Jarvis, music lover and fan

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