Dale Ladouceur

Her critically acclaimed original project "Dale Ladouceur and the Broke Ensemble" have two releases. Ladouceur also recorded a solo recording RuffTracks in 2010. Lately she has written scores for a number of Canadian theatre companies: (Workshop West's Language of Angels, Theatre Yes's Enchantment), and she scored and performed for Azimuth Theatre's acclaimed Freeman on tlte Land. Ladouceur also wrote the score for a documentary on the American Kidney Foundation of New York. As well, Dale works as a music producer with Levin E. Levin Productions.

Branching into film, in 2011 Ladouceur co produced the critically acclaimed independent film Honest You Won't Get Hooked. Ladouceur is also a political writer and activist who has written a number of comprehensive articles that have been published internationally. Her articles have covered such topics as: the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, climate change, ozone depletion, water privatization as well as expose's on ethical misconduct in the media.

Featured interviews include such Canadian icons as Peter C. Newman, Gwynne Dyer and David Suzuki. Dale also actively promotes and works with a number of environmental non profits. In 1999 Ladouceur landed the first interview in over a decade with Hip Hop pioneer Gil Scott Heron, (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised). Ladouceur also went head to head with interviewing the cast of the Canadian cult hit show "Trailer Park Boys" and has for the past few years been "long distance jamming" with maverick American author Tom Robbins.

One of Dale's recent career highlights was performing at the world class Winspear Centre alongside Ed Mann and Ike Willis, alumni of one of her musical heroes Frank Zappa when the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performed The Music of Frank Zappa in March 2011, also writing the accompanying cover story for a local magazine.

January 2013 saw Dale reprise her role as Musical Director and cast member Kriquet in Azimuth Theatre's Freeman On The Land a unique, multi·media political comedy utilizing her live music performance as well as an actor, weaving through the fast paced storyline. Freeman garnered much critical praise from numerous print, television and internet media outlets.

Currently, Dale is working on her next studio album at Crowtown Productions.

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