Welcome to Crowtown Productions

Crowtown Productions began in 1993 as a home recording studio for Dale Ladouceur, Barrie Nighswander and Bill Hobson. It has evolved into a professional recording studio and continues to serve as a meeting place for many of the musical projects we are involved with, including:

We’ve enjoyed recording audio for our friends and a growing list of professional clientele over the years.

Some of the clients we've worked with over the years include:
The Ancient Jammers, Joel Kroeker, Andy Graffitti, Mike McDonald, Carolyn Mark, Chin Injeti, Marek Forysinski, Frank Carroll, Calvin Volrath, Jenn Durant,Rude City Riot, Dave Brundage, Opal Road, Bill Cowan, Cynthia Wells, Painting With Ella, The Low Flying Planes, Brian McLeod, Sue Hodge,  Ron Rault, Kenneth Brown, Liquid (Mr. Liqs),  Blue Thunder, Steve Palmer, Al Brant, National Kidney Foundation, Altacare Resources, Blue Diamond Productions, Theatre Yes, Parcom Inc., NoVember Theatre, Northern Light Theatre, CKUA Radio, Roadblock BBQ, Stony Plain Records.

Here ia a Slideshow of various other CD projects we’ve had the privilege to work on.
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Lester’s and Crowtown’s first CD~Artsy cafe music from talented young french songwriter~Nutty singer songwriter from the urban jungle~The 2nd CD from A Fistfull of Blues~Brian McLeod’s debut disc~Dale Ladouceur's second CD~New age instrumental music by Paul Groleau~Instrumental moutain music~Aboriginal folk music~The first CD from these quirky pop divas~Painting With Ella’s debut disc~Original Blues with Hank Lionhart and Tacoy Ryde~Edmonton ska heros The Mad Bomber Society~Arty Pop duo featuring Chapman Stick~Lester’s second CD~Local party band with a cult following~Dale Ladouceur’s First CD~The music of the Spiderman tv series~Producers Matt Grier & Tim Smith/Roadblock BBQ~Serious guitar pop from talented local producer~Our band of many years~Up and coming french pop singer/ songwriter~Mike Sadava of the Chicken Snails’ first CD~Rootsy songwriter Craig Shafer~Rootsy folk music~Traditional Metis dance music~A fun disk full of groovy R & B from Tom Rosckov~


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